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We believe you should focus on what you are good at, and let us take care of the rest. That’s why we’ve built a professional Amazon FBA preparation, storage and fulfilment company that takes the guesswork out of your logistics. Through our dedication to instilling confidence and increasing sales, we remain committed to achieving our vision of helping you gain an edge on the online competition.

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Professional Services


Receiving & Inspection

Send your shipments from any location, whether it be from a regional online retailer, a wholesaler's warehouse or a manufacturer from overseas - you can even drop off products from your local Retail purchases.  We will receive, thoroughly inspect, unpack and carefully examine your merchandise for accuracy and any damages.  Pictures will be taken throughout the entire process to provide you a photo diary of each step of the way.

Labeling & Prepping

We will prepare and label each product safely and securely, strictly adhering to all of Amazon's guidelines.  A sample of each prepped SKU will be included in your photo diary.  Our simple pricing structure allows for all services to be all-inclusive and your calculations easy - whether your products need barcode labels, bubble-wrap, expiration date labels, polybags or any stickers to be removed.  Your precious time should be focused on more important tasks.

Packing & Shipping

We will repackage your products in the most efficient yet secure methods to ensure safe arrival to their destination. Whether sending in a couple of boxes or several pallets, we make sure your shipment gets to their designated Amazon fulfillment center, quickly and safely. You will be notified when your shipment is complete and ready to be picked up for departure. We strive to make the entire process as easy and hands off for our clients as possible, from beginning to end.

Our Process


Ship Your Products to Us

When sending items, please include your name or company name on the box.


Received and Inspect

Upon arrival we inspect and count your products, to ensure that the product quality meets Amazons standards. If there are any products that do not meet those standards, we will notify you via email with photo documentation. Your products will be stored free of charge.


Prepping your Products

Your products will be prepping using Amazon’s detailed requirements; each item is placed in a polybag and individually labeled. Your inventory will be listed on Amazon via Seller Central or Inventory Lab. Lastly your items will be boxed, receive shipping labels and sent off to Amazon’s warehouses.


Ship to Amazon

Your order is on it’s way to a dedicated Amazon Fulfillment Center of your choosing. You’ll be notified when your order has left our warehouse and is closed out in our system


Standard-sized items

$1.25 Unit

Additional Services

-Receiving & Inspection
-FNSKU Label
-Includes PolyBag
-Expiration Labels
-Cover UPC 
hipping boxes
-UPS or Pallet Pickup

Basic prep

$0.95 Unit

-Receving & Inspection
-Shipping box labels
-No Polybag

-Bubble Wrap - 0.20/Ft
-Storage - $45 Per Pallet
-Receive your palletized goods - ($15 per pallet)


Online Arbitrage

$1.25 Unit (Standard Size)

- Receiving & Visual Inspection.
- FNSKU Labeling.
- Label removal.
- Polybag.
- Price Removal.
- We count with UPS pick up everyday.

2pack- $2.00
3pack- $2.50
4pack- $3.00
5pack- $3.50
6pack- $4.50

2pack- $2.00
3pack- $2.50
4pack- $3.00
5pack- $3.50
6pack- $4.00


- How fast can you prep and ship my items to Amazon?

Our turnaround time is between 24 to 48 hours on most shipments 

- How does Eps Fulfillment create my shipments?

At the time of onboarding, we will send you a Seller Central sub-account set up guide. The sub-account will grant us limited permissions to create FBA Shipments on your behalf and complete tasks such as printing FNSKU labels, uploading box content information, and printing shipping labels.

-Do I have to set up sub-account access?

If you are sending us one-off shipments with just a few SKUs, such as with an FBA Removal Order, you can email us the FNSKU labels directly. Our team will contact you when your shipment is ready with the box information for you to generate the shipping labels.

-Is Shipping Cost included in your fees?

Shipping cost is not included in our fees. It is billed to your Amazon account directly when we print shipping labels from your Seller Central sub-account.You will be paying Amazon's partnered-carrier rates (the lowest in the industry!). We do not take any part in the shipping cost.

-Do you work with new sellers?

 We expect you to be familiar with the basics of selling on Amazon such as creating product listings, converting listings to Fulfilled By Amazon, and identifying a product's ASIN.

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