Terms and Conditions of Use

-  Shipping Plans will be created by either us or you and approved by you.

- We will not start our turnaround time until we have an approved shipping plan and the product in stock.

- Our turnaround time is 24-48 hrs. If the shipment is not ready to ship at the end of the business day of the 48th hour, we will provide a 10% discount for late shipment.

- All damaged items will be destroyed after 30 days if you do not advise us what to do with the inventory via email.

- All extra items will be destroyed after 90 days, unless you advise us that you want to store it.

- Any inventory in Storage will be destroyed after 3 consecutive months of storage fees non-payment.

- We will provide our fee reimbursements to you for products that have been mislabeled by Eps Fulfillment . We require that the products are sent back to Eps Fulfillment  and we will provide pictures to you of mislabeled items. On the occasion that the items are not mislabeled, and Amazon is at fault, Eps Fulfillment will not provide fee reimbursements.

- Eps Fulfillment reserves the right to retain inventory for unpaid invoices.

- Eps Fulfillment will not disclose or use any supplier information to any outside, third-party.